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We're sourcing experts, working with thousands of vetted producers in the UK and around the world to match you with the products you need. An ever-growing network selected on quality, value and reliability.

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Sourcing quality

At Collectiv Food, we're committed to sourcing quality products from producers who share our passion for great food, produced and delivered responsibly. That's why as a minimum, we work with suppliers who are able to provide records on full product traceability and safety in accordance with SALSA or one or more Global Food Safety Initiative recognised standard schemes, such as  BRC, IFS and GLOBAL G.A.P. 

Sourcing great quality products also means working with producers who care as much about making a tasty product as they do about their impact on people and the planet. To this end, we require our suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct, ensuring that clear guidance and expectations are established in line with our values at the outset of trade.


Radical transparency

Experience transparency like never before with our exclusive Producer Stories. As a Collectiv Food customer, you'll get access to Producer Stories - a tool we've developed to enable understanding of the people and practices behind your food. Each Story contains a description of a producer alongside the results of their annual sustainability assessment conducted by our audit partner, Responsibly.

But that's not all. In addition to transparent producer information, we offer complementary emissions data for trading products. Our assessment covers the entire product journey, from farming and processing through to packaging and transport emissions in collaboration with our partner, My Emissions. Enjoy built in insights on the environmental impact of their food and drink orders, enabling you to make progress towards Net Zero simply and at no extra cost.


A revolution in last mile delivery

We're breaking free from the old "one delivery after another" logistics model with our Points of Distribution - PODs. These refrigerated units use underutilised spaces in key urban locations. They're loaded with products by truck overnight, and the next morning orders are delivered to customers using electric cargo bikes and vans or empty capacity in smaller vehicles already making journeys into our cities.

The model brings flexibility, cost savings and fresher products when you need them. We are actively reducing traffic levels in peak hours, taking big lorries off the road and reducing emissions into our city air by up to 75% compared to competitors.


Sourcing for a better food future

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By working with us, you'll become a valued partner in a fairer, more efficient food supply chain. We'll show you exactly where your food is going and give you direct access to new markets.

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