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Save yourself time, money and stress thanks to our collective buying power, multi-product consolidated deliveries, and customer-centric approach

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Get traceable, fresher products and the ability to make informed, cost-efficient purchasing decisions through our shortened supply chain and on-demand, direct sourcing

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Be sustainable

Minimise your CO2 footprint, know where your products have come from, and have a positive impact on our cities through our decentralised supply model and greener last mile delivery

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"One of the solutions Collectiv have offered us is pre-poached eggs; they save the chefs a lot of time every week, and we're getting the whole day out a lot quicker."

James Opare
Senior Sous Chef


"As soon as we met Collectiv we realised what a disruptor they were, and that they would be a perfect fit for us as a supplier to build our sustainability."

Ed Standring

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