A better food future

We exist to bring transparency, fairness and sustainability into the B2B food supply chain

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Right now, the journey from farm to fork is multilayered and opaque. There are too many costly middlemen and too little clarity about the quality and provenance of our food. Air quality is also taking a hit, with food deliveries reliant on polluting and outdated infrastructure. The approach needs to change.


Transparent sourcing

With full traceability on products and producers to support responsible purchasing decisions


Responsible distribution

With up to 75% less CO2e via POD deliveries vs competitors


Fighting waste

With advanced forecast planning and our charity partners in London and Paris

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A revolution in last mile delivery

We're breaking free from the old "one delivery after another" logistics model with our Points of Distribution - PODs. These refrigerated units use underutilised spaces in key urban locations. They're loaded with products by truck overnight, and the next morning orders are delivered to customers using electric cargo bikes and vans or empty capacity in smaller vehicles already making journeys into our cities.

The model brings flexibility, cost savings and fresher products when you need them. We are actively reducing traffic levels in peak hours, taking big lorries off the road and reducing emissions into our city air by up to 75% compared to competitors.

POD greener last mile

Enabling transparency to source

Transparency is a cornerstone of our approach to sustainability. That's why we consider collaboration with the entire supply chain from producer to customer key, ensuring that every step of the journey is 100% traceable.

Both our relationships with producers and focus on impact measurement are essential in how we are able to enable transparency. Through ongoing monitoring and collaboration, we work hand in hand with our partners to provide detailed product information, tailored monthly impact reports and Producer Stories all aimed at empowering our customers to make informed purchasing decisions - particularly when it comes to the environmental impact of their ingredients.

Loch Duart - salmon

Minimising food waste

At Collectiv Food, reducing food waste isn't just a goal—it's a fundamental principle woven into the fabric of our operations. Through data-driven forecasting and working together with our customers, we strive to ensure that every ingredient finds its purpose. But we understand that sometimes, despite our best efforts, surplus food may arise. That's where our partnerships with our charity partners come into play as they provide us with a vital lifeline, enabling redistribution of our surplus food to those in need.

But our efforts don't stop there. We're aiming to further reduce food waste within our control with the help of advanced-AI powered demand forecasting tools as we continue to grow.


"We enjoy working with a supplier who collect and make sustainability data readily available through their platform, whether that is supplier stories or CO2 emissions saved... this will be incredibly helpful for all our own sustainability pieces, such as the upcoming Scope 3 baseline."

Anouk Dijknin
Sustainability Manager


"I believe the path your company is trailblazing will be pivotal in transforming the hospitality market."


Collectiv Food: Your Sustainability Partner

Discover how we're empowering the hospitality industry to make informed purchasing decisions in this video. For more, be sure to check out our Resources too.