A better food future

We exist to bring transparency, fairness and sustainability into the B2B food supply chain

Right now, the journey from farm to fork is multilayered and opaque. There are too many costly middlemen and too little clarity about the quality and provenance of our food. Air quality is also taking a hit, with food deliveries reliant on polluting and outdated infrastructure. The approach needs to change.


Traceable sourcing

With 100% transparency and informed purchasing decisions


Greener distribution

With up to 50% less CO2e than traditional models


Fair dealing

With better, fairer payment terms for our producer partners

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A revolution in last mile delivery

We're breaking free from the old "one delivery after another" logistics model with our Points of Distribution - PODs. These refrigerated units use under-utilised spaces in key urban locations. They're loaded with products by truck overnight, which are then collected and delivered to customers using electric cargo bikes or empty capacity in smaller vehicles already making journeys into our cities.

The model brings flexibility, cost savings and a longer shelf-life for your products. We are actively reducing traffic levels in peak hours, taking big lorries off the road and reducing emissions into our city air by up to 50%.

POD greener last mile

Going direct to source

We own our supply chain, from producer to customer, ensuring fresher ingredients, consistent delivery, and guaranteed traceability. Our relationships with producers are built on a commitment to promote honest and transparent dialogue about food, and we share detailed product information with our customers to empower them to make informed purchasing decisions - particularly when it comes to the impact of their menu choices.

We pay our producers on time, with fairer terms than the traditional wholesalers because we believe in a more balanced wealth distribution along the food supply chain.

Loch Duart - salmon

"As soon as we met Collectiv we realised what a disruptor they were, and that they would be a perfect fit for us as a supplier to build our sustainability."

Ed Standring

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