Introducing our Better Choices

Discover the rationale and methodologies behind our Better Choices – our latest offering to support responsible food purchasing

Our why 

Adopting sustainable practices isn't just a responsible choice, it's a strategic move to future proof your organisation, ensuring your food and drink offer reflects the demands of consumers,  that your supply chains are fit for purpose, and your staff are ready for the challenge ahead.

Don't just take our word for it. The research showing the value of taking action on your sustainability ambitions is growing:

Demand is building and we're here to help. We offer a growing array of resources and support - including our Better Choices and Net Zero Menu recently introduced to further support you, our valued customers, in making responsible purchasing decisions. 

Defining Better Choices

We've designed a selection of Better Choices harnessing independent sustainability data on our food and drink suppliers and on our products. 

Standout Suppliers

Marked with a heart symbol, these products are accessible from suppliers with exceptional sustainability scores, rated at least 3 out of 5 by our audit partner, Responsibly. Choose these products for Producer Stories worth shouting about, while supporting producers making good progress in their sustainability journeys.

Lower Carbon 

Marked with a leaf symbol, these products have a lower carbon footprint in their respective product category. These SKUs are considered Lower Carbon based on their carbon intensity as measured by our partner, My Emissions and compared to SKUs in the same product category. Emissions considered cover farming, processing, packaging, and transport. 

Net Zero Menu

Alongside easily identifiable Lower Carbon and Standout Suppliers, we've put together our Net Zero Menu. The Menu comprises of ingredients which are rated Very Low and Low Carbon by our partner My Emissions.

For a Very Low Carbon product, this means that its carbon intensity is anywhere between 0 and 1.6249 kgCO2e/kg. On the other hand, for a Low Carbon product, this means that its carbon intensity is anywhere between 1.625 and 2.749 kgCO2e/kg.

The selection is curated, meaning not all Very Low and Low Carbon products in our range are added to the Net Zero Menu. Instead, products selected include those which can be used as new ingredients or substitutes - helping you get creative with a purpose.

The benefits 

Choosing products available from Standout Suppliers is a great way to ensure that you have Producer Stories worth shouting about - be it your website, social media channels, or your quarterly team meetings. Chances are that by choosing to buy products from a Standout Supplier, you will also be working with a supplier aligned with your values as they are making good progress in addressing sustainability in their business too.

Similarly, choosing Lower Carbon products helps to ensure that the carbon footprint of your food supply is a bit better than it would be otherwise. They are designed to give options for foodservice operators looking to make step changes in the carbon intensity of your dishes, taking your business one step closer to Net Zero.

Looking to make a more significant impact on your emissions? Options from our Net Zero Menu are a Better Choice - designed to support you in identifying products that contribute to low-carbon dishes, and ultimately reduce your overall emissions. Why? Because as a food business, it's highly likely that the emissions attributable to your food and drink supply are the most significant source of your total emissions.

Limitations and future improvements 

While we strive to offer an array of sustainable choices, our efforts are based on the data available. Supplier engagement is crucial for recognition as a Standout Supplier, and we continuously collaborate to ensure complete sustainability assessments across our supply base.

Additionally, Lower Carbon products are category-specific and subject to the products we trade. Simple rules guide this process, fostering equitable evaluations within each category. As our range expands, you can expect our selection of Lower Carbon options to evolve to continue supporting informed purchasing decisions.

Ready to embed sustainability in your menu? Explore the full selection of Better Choices in our revamped Catalogue here and join us in championing sustainability in the food industry.

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