4 Ways to Manage Inflation

There's no silver bullet to escape inflation in your food supply, but there are tweaks to be made and approaches to adopt that can help to limit its impact.

Reduce your menu size

Reducing the size of your menu can have a number of benefits in the face of rising prices. A smaller menu is generally easier for staff to execute, with fewer SKUs resulting in lower inventory management risks. It can also save you money, allowing you to manage costs by ordering your reduced ingredients in bulk and helping to eliminate waste.


Consolidate orders

When you consolidate, you save costs. With precise visibility of your stock requirements and accurate sales forecasts, you can avoid ad-hoc ordering and order in bulk, allowing you to negotiate regular orders and larger quantities at competitive prices.


Tweak your menu's narrative

Shift the conversation to the quality of the products you use and source, naming your suppliers or reputable produce regions on your menu. By telling the stories of your products and producers, consumers see evidence to justify the higher cost - and they're more likely to stomach it.

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Be flexible

Being flexible with your menu creation will help us to help you: opening your specs to consider multiple origins and alternative proteins all help maintain supply during challenging times. Being open to taking frozen products can help too, enabling us to keep products at a fixed price for longer.