About Collectiv Food

Collectiv Food is a unique team of people from a range of backgrounds, all with a passion for food, fairness and sustainability.

Together, we’re on a mission to revolutionise the food supply chain.

Fields and managed farm land
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Better Food Future

Right now, the journey from farm to fork is multilayered and opaque. There are too many costly middlemen and too little clarity about the quality and provenance of our food. Our vision at Collectiv Food is to build a fair and transparent food supply chain, driven by quality, sustainability and availability to all.

All too often, professional kitchens do not know where their ingredients come from and how they are produced. They often do not know how food has been stored nor how long it’s been waiting in a warehouse.

Producers are losing out too. Because negotiating power lies in the hands of a small minority of food buyers, lengthy payment terms are the norm – which puts many food production businesses at risk.

Collectiv Food is different

Using innovative technology, we’re building a new kind of food supply model, which respects and reconnects food buyers and producers.

We are not wholesalers

  • Each sale is on-demand, not by catalogue

  • No relabelling or hiding producers’ brands

  • We work on fair and consistent margins

Not just an ordering tool

  • Involved at every stage of the food supply chain

  • From collection, preparation of orders, delivery to invoicing and payment

  • Producers are carefully selected and all add value to the chain

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, Founder and CEO of Collectiv Food

We've made transparency the foundation of everything we do.

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi Founder and CEO
Photos of team members of Collectiv Foods

Our team

Our team comes from within in the industry, we know it inside out and back to front and have decades of experience between us. We know that the way restaurants order food needs to change. We are that change.

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi founder and CEO

With French and Italian heritage, it is not hard to see where his love of producers and good food comes from. After years fighting white-collar crime, Jeremy created Collectiv Food with the same objective to generate positive social change and improve how businesses work together. Through his contagious enthusiasm and unwavering guidance, Jeremy leads the Collectiv Food team with vision and purpose to improve an old-fashioned, inefficient and opaque supply chain.