Amazing produce

Choose ingredients from hundreds of producers, all carefully selected to provide the consistency and the quality you need. A fair deal for all ensures a transparent supply chain with greater choice and reliability for you.


From beef, lamb, pork and poultry to exotic meats, you have access to quality and fully traceable animal products. Whatever you need, primals to mince, raw, marinated or cooked, you can count on us.

Fish and seafood

Whether you’re after prawns, salmon or cod we’ll match your specifications - fresh or frozen, whole, filleted or portioned, cold or hot smoked, just name it.

Cartoon illustration of an egg

Dairy and egg

Whether you need fresh or matured cheese (grated or in block), yogurt, cream or free-range eggs, we’ll supply it. All sizes and production methods are available.

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Alcoholic or not, we’ve got you covered. From pre-batched cocktails to everything you need to make your own. Prosecco, beer, wine, cider and spirits, Kombucha and mixers - we can match your needs and more.

Plant based alternatives

Don’t miss out on this booming food category - discover the latest innovative products (jackfruit-based replacement and meat-like veggies) or all-time classics (tofu and falafels) with our wide variety of protein alternatives.