Cost-effective and sustainable sourcing

Going direct to the producer is the best way to be fair, know where your food comes from and ensure you get the ingredients you want at the best price.

With our extensive network of vetted producers from the UK, EU and abroad you get all the benefits of going direct without the hassle of switching suppliers and receiving multiple deliveries.

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Simplify how you buy ingredients

Our dedicated purchasing team will match you with the right producer to meet your needs. Benefit from our buying power, negotiated prices and discounts we obtain from being fair and paying producers upfront. We do not represent any producer over another, so you can choose and try as many products from different sources as you want, without the hassle of switching supplier. We collect, consolidate products from multiple categories, prepare your orders, and deliver them on time and according to your instructions. You receive a single, aggregated invoice for each order, with long and favourable payment terms.

Benefits to your business

The Mercer

Better food at better prices

  • Save money by removing intermediaries, being fair and using innovative logistics

  • Receive fresher, better ingredients with extended shelf life

  • Use fixed and negotiated prices to protect your margins

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Transparency and control

  • Obtain safer sourcing with full transparency - no more defrosted or wrongly labelled products

  • ​Know the stories behind your ingredients and where they come from and promote them

  • Have an impact and participate in a fairer and more sustainable food supply chain

Flexibility and great customer service

  • Get faster turnaround to order changes and emergency requests thanks to our shorter, more agile food supply chain

  • Maintain peace of mind with our favourable payment terms and improve your cash flow

  • ​Rely on our team and customer service which is always here to help

Some of our customers

Why not join the growing ranks of customers already taking advantage of smarter food sourcing?

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