Trusted delivery

Your orders are in safe hands with a lean and innovative approach to logistics that places the customer first.

Working with our lead logistics provider DHL, along with other specialist partners, you can rely on a robust and efficient delivery model that’s designed to flex to your needs.

Illustration of a truck delivering produce to shops

How it works

Once your order is placed, we work with producers to assemble it at our warehouse in Greater London.

There, we conduct quality control checks to ensure your chosen products meet our standards. It is then consolidated to ensure you receive all your ingredients in one delivery. Consolidation is a smarter way to save on costs and time.

Collection, consolidation and delivery usually take place within two days.

When we start working with you, your dedicated account manager agrees with you any delivery requirements you may have, such as time window, days and frequency.

A revolution in last mile delivery

Our latest innovation is our Points of Distribution (“PODs”), a chilled unit connected directly to energy mains in under-utilised urban spaces in key locations within London. This breaks free from the old “one delivery after another” logistics model to bring even more flexibility and cost savings, as well as the longest shelf-life possible for food products.

Our new delivery model takes big lorries off the roads, using empty capacity in smaller vehicles already making journeys in and around our cities. Overall we are actively reducing traffic levels - particularly during the daytime - and reducing emissions by 70% compared to traditional wholesalers.

Patent pending GB1914589.5

Some of our customers

Why not join the growing ranks of customers already taking advantage of smarter food sourcing?

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