Haché & Cabana

How we are supporting restaurant groups Haché and Cabana on their journey to net zero

Founded in 2004, Haché offers Londoners friendly neighborhood all-day dining and now operates 7 sites in locations ranging from Kingston to Holborn. Cabana followed in 2012. With 4 London locations, the award-winning Brasilian barbecue is inspired by the glory of Rio in the 1950s.

Both sitting under the umbrella of The Hush Collection, the brands are driven by a pursuit of excellence and vision to be London's leading boutique restaurant group. Pivotal to this is a focus on sustainability and social value - the fragilities of our food system have never been so apparent than in a post-Brexit, pandemic-hit world. With conscious consumerism also on the rise, the need to innovate and future-proof in hospitality is more apparent than ever.

The Haché and Cabana teams are embracing this innovation, and you'll find the menus for both restaurants punctuated with ingredients from plant-based or even zero-waste brands such as THIS, Beyond Meat, Violife, Rubies in the Rubble and Happy Endings ice cream.

There's little point serving the innovative products if they're delivered in a cumbersome, carbon intensive way though - which is where Collectiv comes in. CEO Ed introduced us to his team in 2021, asking us to manage their supply chain in an effective and efficient way. Our ability to consolidate orders from their various partner brands drastically cut the number of deliveries required, as well as the associated costs of having more vehicles on the road - whether they be polluting emissions or monetary. We've seen the partnership go from strength to strength, and are thrilled to be playing a part in building a restaurant group truly fit for the future.


"Collectiv Food save us not only time, but also money - we can have less deliveries per week, they always deliver on time, and we have less invoices to process"

Manuel Santos Gomes
Operations Manager and Development Chef

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